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Midland Midland H7+ Actie Camera 4K with LCD 2" + remote control

€ 229,95

The new Midland Action cam UHD.  

Midland introduces the new action cam models with a front-facing lens.

H7+ is the ultra-slim and light HD, capable of recording up to 2880x2160@24fps, with Wi-Fi and wireless remote control.Midland H7+ has the 2" integrated LCD display for framing and adjusting easily settings as well as playing back photos and videos. Fitted with Cycle recording, it can be easily installed in the car and record continuously what is happening while you drive. You can record exceptional videos with advanced features of Midland H7+: Time Lapse and Slow Motion.

The built-in gyroscope allows to take more stable shootings and to avoid camera oscillations. Fitted with wireless remote control 2.4 GHz. The LEDs indicate the active recording, Wi-Fi and the charging; the buttons control and activate the switching on/off, Videos and Photos.

The submersible case supplied protects the actioncam from water up to a depth of 30 meters, but also from mud and dust. WI-FI Midland H7 +, thanks to the built-in wi-fi and high-performance chipset, connects to smartphones and tablets to watch again and share movies and photos with the dedicated App "MelifeCam-i3" (iOS and Android).

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