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Muc-Off Clean, Protect & Lube kit

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Do you find it difficult to make the right choices on how to get your bike back on track? Then look no further, because with the Clean, Protect and Lube kit from Muc-Off you are baked. The kit has three spray cans from Muc-Off's best cleaning and lubricants, namely:

  • Motorcycle Cleaner 500ml.
  • Motorcycle Protectant 500ml.
  • Dry Chain Lube 500ml.

Motorcyle Cleaner

The revolution in Bike cleaning! The cleaner for when you only settle for the best quality and the best result! Muc Off's magical Nano Tech cleaning formula makes cleaning easy, regardless of the weather and / or driving conditions in which your motorcycle has gone wrong. Muc Off Bike Cleaner has an incredible effective formula with Nano Technology that ensures a neat finish of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Protectant

The Motorcycle Protectant from Muc-Off not only removes water after washing the engine, but also repels dirt. Motorcycle Protectant leaves a shiny, non-sticking protection layer on the frame, chain, metal parts and vats of the engine.

Dry Chain Lube

Muc Off's Dry PTFE Chain Lube has been developed to maximize performance under extreme pressure. It is a versatile chain spray and penetrates deep into the chain so that it is optimally lubricated. The advanced 'Dry Formula' creates a clean, long-lasting and protective layer that prevents corrosion and corrosion. The added PTFE reduces friction in the chain and also ensures the rejection of dirt. In addition, it cleans the chain and is user-friendly.