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Cardo Systems Packtalk Bold JBL

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The best system for communicating in groups
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After the successful introduction of the Packtalk Cardo introduces its successor, the Packtalk Bold! The exterior has remained almost the same, but under the hood it has been almost completely revised. The flagship of Cardo now has extra nice and useful features!

Naturally, the Packtalk Bold has DMC ™, the communication technology that has lifted motorcycle riding to a higher level in a group. From now on you can communicate with up to 15 drivers over a maximum distance of 8 kilometers!

What is DMC ™?

When communicating in a group via a Bluetooth connection, all motorcyclists are connected as a chain. If one of the links in the chain fails, the connection must be restored and communication is temporarily not possible. Thanks to DMC ™ this is a thing of the past, via a virtual network all motorcyclists are dynamically connected. Communication is not affected when one of the motorcyclists leaves the group or re-enters, the network automatically adapts quickly.

In addition to this technology, the Bold is equipped with the latest Bluetooth® chip (4.1). Both technologies work simultaneously and fluently together. The system therefore offers a wide range of connection options with Bluetooth® devices, the system is compatible with other Scala Rider models. Even with other brands!

Voice control
With the Packtalk Bold and Slim you hardly ever have to press a button to operate the system. You can easily give voice commands such as: "Hey Cardo, volume up" to increase the volume or ask Siri or OK Google (if this function is activated on your smartphone) with "Hey Siri" and "OK Google"; ask your question and you will receive an answer!

Cardo Connect app
With the Cardo Connect app you easily change the settings and options of your Packtalk! More information can be found here: Tutorial Cardo Connect App


  • DMC Intercom
    • Bike-to-bike intercom, communication between 2 drivers over a distance of 1.6 kilometers and up to 8 kilometers with a maximum of 15 riders
    • Parallel Audio Streaming: Get GPS instructions or listen to music via your smartphone or radio while in a conversation
  • Bluetooth Intercom
    • Bike-to-bike intercom, between up to four motorcyclists up to 1.6 km away
    • Thanks to Cardo's Gateway, you can also pair the Scala Rider Packtalk Slim with other brands of headsets
    • Spontaneous intercom connection on the go with other Cardo users thanks to the Click-to-link® technology
  • Natural Voice Operation
    • Voice control via Apple's Siri ™ / Ok Google provides seamless control via your voice. You do not have to touch a button while driving!
  • Music and Radio functionalities
    • Integrated RDS FM radio and six presets
    • A2DP / AVRCP, wireless music streaming from the navigation system, phone or Ipod in high quality
    • AGC technology, automatic volume control based on ambient noise and driving speed
    • Music Sharing ™; share wireless via A2DP music with the passenger
  • Connection with Bluetooth devices
    • VOX, voice dialing, answering or rejecting incoming calls
    • With the dual Handsfree profile you can simultaneously pair two Bluetooth devices (GPS or smartphone)
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  • The ultra-thin removable HD speakers (40mm) ensure unparalleled sound quality
  • Easily customize your needs with the Cardo Connect app (iOS and Android)
  • Personalize settings and receive software updates via the Cardo community
  • IP67 certified, water and dust proof
  • Up to 13 hours of communication - one week of standby
  • Battery on? No problem, you can continue to use the Packtalk Bold and Slim while you charge it via the 12V of your motorcycle or a battery pack.