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Cardo Systems Freecom 4+ JBL duo

Bike to bike communication between 4 drivers
Small device, less noise, enjoy the JBL speakers!

The scala rider FREECOM 4 Bluetooth® communication system can be a great way to experience the open road when riding with a group of friends, allowing you to conduct Bike-to-Bike conversations between 4 riders each at a range of up to 1.2 km*.

Equipped with 2 Bluetooth® channels, enjoy the multiple connectivity options the scala rider FREECOM 4 communication system has to offer: • Conduct intercom conversations between up to 4 riders, even with non-Cardo headsets • Try out the new FM sharing experience between 2 riders even when riding far apart • Share a joint riding experience with your passenger while listening to the same music streaming from an A2DP device • Connect to a mobile phone to make or receive calls or simply stay on track with GPS instructions.


  • Bike-to-bike intercom, with a motorcyclist communicating over a distance
    from 1.2km.
  • Group intercom, with up to 4 motorcyclists communicating about one
    distance of 3.6km.
  • Cardo Gateway, pair with another brand of headset.
  • Spontaneous intercom connection on the go with other Cardo users
    thanks to Click-to-link® technology.
  • VOX, voice dialing, accepting or rejecting incoming
  • AGC technology, automatic volume control based on
    ambient noise and driving speed.

Voice control

  • Control the Freecom 4 Plus with simple voice commands such as:
    "Hey Cardo, volume up" to increase the volume.
  • Ask a question to Siri or OK Google with "Hey Siri" and "OK Google".

Connection with Bluetooth® devices

  • Dual Handsfree profile allows simultaneous pairing of two Bluetooth®
    devices possible.
  • Parallel Audio Streaming: Get GPS instructions or listen to music via the smartphone or radio while in a conversation (only with Android).
  • During telephone conversations or when you are listening to music / radio
    these are muted as soon as you receive a GPS instruction.
  • Mobile phone Conference Mode (rider and passenger with caller to other
    side of the line).

Music and radio functionalities

  • Integrated RDS FM radio and six presets.
  • A2DP / AVRCP, wireless music streaming from the navigation system,
    phone or MP3 player in high quality.
  • Adjust the audio volume separately for: Music, radio, one
    intercom call or GPS instruction.
  • Music Sharing ™; share wireless via A2DP music with the passenger.

Other specifications:

  • Unparalleled sound experience thanks to the standard JBL speakers included
    (can be replaced for speakers of your choice with 3.5mm jack).
  • Easy to operate thanks to integrated, ultra-thin scroll wheel.
  • The Freecom 4 Plus comes with a hybrid microphone and a
    wire microphone.
  • Easily customize your needs with the Cardo SmartSep App.
  • Personalize settings and receive software updates via the Cardo
  • IP67 certified, water and dust proof.
  • Up to 13 hours of communication - one week of standby.
  • Continue to use the Freecom 4 Plus while charging it via the 12V of your motorcycle or a battery pack.
  • Slim and aerodynamic design (only 20mm) ensures less wind noise in the helmet.
  • Bluetooth® 4.1 chip.