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Caberg Ghost Rusty


This Jethelm is not only equipped with a specific lens visor that attaches to the face thanks to the foam profile along the inside of the bottom of the visor, but also with an easy-to-use mask to protect the face from the cold in the winter months and from the swallowing too many mosquitoes in the summer ...

Thanks to a hinge system, it is very simple and intuitive to open and close the visor with just one hand. This feature differs the Ghost from the other open helmets on the market, equipped with simple glasses, mask and standard elastic straps.

Ghost can be used in 4 different configurations: 1) equipped with the visor, the foam profile along the inner underside of the visor and the mask; 2) equipped with the visor and the mask, but without the foam profile of the visor; 3) equipped with the visor and the foam profile but without the mask; 4) only equipped with the visor, without the foam profile and the mask.

The shell is made of tri-composite material (fiber, carbon and kevlar) and is offered in two shell sizes: it is also available in the full carbon version where the shell is made entirely of carbon fiber. An easy to assemble and remove double Pinlock lens is included to prevent the visor from fogging. The lining is completely removable and made washable with breathable fabrics. The refinement of the refined materials and characteristics, all made in Italy, such as the five rivets on the edge, the steel air intakes in the neck and the leather inserts, highlight the care and attention to details.

Ghost can also be equipped with the Caberg Bluetooth communication system JUST SPEAK S, thanks to the space under the removable lining to nest the speakers. In order to adjust your Ghost, in addition to the standard slightly smoked visor, there are spare parts, a mirror visor, a dark visor, a transparent and a yellow visor available. For a perfect adhesion of the mask foam on the face, Caberg offers the possibility to buy the visor foam profile in 3 different thicknesses: 18 mm, 21 mm and 25 mm.

Ghost is offered in the solid color versions: matte black, white and mat gun metal; the graphical version LEGEND matt black / white; the FLUO matt black / yellow; the new RUSTY and IRON; and the FULL CARBON one.