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Barracuda QUADRA

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Quadra are E-approved LED indicators with an ABS body. They are characterized by their sleek, square design and the opening in the middle. Quadra indicators are sold per set of 2 pieces.

To prevent faster flashing, you need to order one of resistors (depending on the original system).

  • Each motorcycle has its own specific system and therefore LED indicators often require resistors to prevent faster blinking after mounting.
  • Motorcycles with a 10 watt flashing light system need the 10 WATT resistors to compensate for the speed of the flashing.
  • Motorcycles with a 21 watt flasher system need the 21 WATT resistors to compensate for the speed of the blink.
  • Motorcycles with original LED indicators, do not need a resistor.

This is true for 99% of the motorcycles available, but there are also some cases where a specialist should look into it to fix this for you.