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Gerbing B-12V 1400 kit

€ 99,95
12 V batteries for XR-12 heated glove
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2 pcs powerful rechargeable 12V Lithium-Ion batteries, supported with microprocessor technology. These can be used for our heated gloves T-12 and XR-12 hybrid heated gloves. Ideal for commuting.

The batteries have a built-in temperature controller with three different positions and an LED indicator that shows how full the battery is. Each battery (B12V-1400) can be charged at least 500 times and comes with a dual charger. The output of this battery is 11.1V while the output of a running motor is 13.8V. The electric heated gloves are therefore always warmer when you connect them directly to the battery of the vehicle by means of the battery connection plug.

When using the hybrid batteries in the T-12 or XR-12 heated gloves, you can specify the following modes for the amount of heat and time you want; Usage period:

red 1 hour
orange 2 o'clock
green 3 hours

  • The B12V-1400 batteries can absolutely not be connected to our 12v heated jacket! The batteries have a capacity of 1.4A, while the consumption of the inner jacket is 6.5A. For so much heat you need at least the B12V-5200 or better still the B12V-8000 (an 8 ampere battery).
  • The battery life may vary depending on the ambient temperature. The capacity of the battery decreases as it gets colder. At temperatures below 0 ° C the capacity will still be +/- 80%.
  • To extend the life of the batteries, keep them at least 25% charged at all times, even if the batteries are not switched on or are not being used. Think of the summer period. Recharge the batteries once a month. (Tip: note this in your agenda).
  • If you place the hybrid batteries in the glove compartment, make sure the plug of the glove has disappeared from it. The piercing hole is to guide the plug from the battery through the glove to the glove plug in the inside of the glove. [/ Specs]

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