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€ 1.699,95
2-piece leather suit with the now famous D-Air airbag system. You never hope you'll need it, but if something happens, you're glad you have choosen this option...

Thanks to Dainese's revolutionary Airbag technology D-Air, countless accidents have not ended fatally. And not only on the circuit. Eventually more and more (sports) riders will opt for an airbag. Avro D-Air can be considered as one of the safest 2-piece leather suits available.

  • 1 inside pocket
  • 2 zippers with a boot-in system
  • knee slide 2.0
  • protection and cleaning set
  • clothing cover included
  • medium aerodynamic speed hop
  • microelastic 2.0
  • D-skin 2.0 full grain cowhide
  • composite protectors (EN 1621.1 Level 2 standard) on elbows and knees
    prepared for double chest protector
  • soft protectors (EN 1621.1 Level 1 standard) on shoulders
    thermoformed small shoulders with interchangeable aluminum plates
  • air inlets on the sides
  • NanoFeel lining with inserts in 3D bubble airspace fabric

D-Air® system:

D-Air® is a stand-alone electronic airbag system for use on the road or circuit that only functions with Dainese collection of clothing.

The 6 sensors, the electronics and the system are integrated in the Pro Armor back protector, so you do not have to install a kit on your motorcycle. The D-Air® control unit monitors the sensor signals 1000 times per second with an advanced shutdown algorithm. The D-Air® system works in sync with existing safety features to protect the following driver components:

  • neck (reduces the head tilt to the neck and lowers the movement of the helmet during deployment)
  • shoulder
  • chest
  • back

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