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AGV Sportmodular Carbon

€ 749,95
According to the media already THE modular helmet of 2018.

AGV Sportmodular can be the sensation of 2018 ..... The Sportmodular is compact, very lightweight and performs just as well as a premium full-face helmet.
The Sportmodular is the first system helmet that is 100% made of carbon.

No compromises have been made regarding weight, strength and impact absorption.

Thanks to the 3 different scale sizes, the helmet is extremely compact and low in weight. With a weight of only 1295 g, competitors from Germany, Japan and Korea are well behind. Another important plus is the panoramic sight. The visor gives 190 ° peripheral and 85 ° vertical view. The visor is equipped with a MaxVision Pinlock for perfect visibility on the road, even in bad weather.

The Sportmodular proves that good aerodynamics is also feasible without large spoilers. After extensive testing in wind tunnels, AGV has managed to get the Sprot Modular perfectly stable. No downforce, no lift. Thanks to the large ventilation openings, you will never be short of fresh air. Just like the AGV Corsa R, the Sportmodular has an interior that can be turned around. On the one hand the interior provides warmth, on the other hand cooling. That way you can ride comfortably all year round!

Also ladies with a smaller head circumference (XXS) and men with a larger head circumference (3XL) can now go for a premium system helmet.


  • Outer shell: 100% Carbon fiber
  • Visor: MaxVision Pinlock, panoramic sight
  • Lining: Removable and washable, reversible lining
  • Closure: Titanium double-D closure
  • Ventilation: Spoiler with exhaust on the back, large top vent, large chin ventilation. Perfect aerodynamics.
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