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AGV Sportmodular Carbon gloss

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The world’s first SportModular helmet: the performance of a full face helmet together with the comfort of a modular. Entirely built in Carbon Fiber (shell and chin), this specific structure achieves the same protection performance of MotoGP’s Pista GP R in an incredibly light weight construction, combing the highest levels of comfort and safety. Designed to offer 190° horizontal view as the human eye capability, SportModular has been conceived in the wind tunnel for superior quietness, aero stability and ventilation.

The Sportmodular is the new, top of the range, modular helmet from AGV, affording the performance of a full face helmet with the comfort of a modular helmet. The 100% carbon fibre outer shell affords the same features as the Pista GP R. With a wraparound, pressure free interior, reversible padding on the top part with a warmer and a cooler side, in order to adapt at all times or the rider’s needs. It also has an integrated sun visor, as well as an efficient built in IVS ventilation system.

The helmet is made entirely of carbon, also the chin. That makes this helmet very safe and unique in its kind. Thanks to this construction, the Sportmodular performs as a MotoGP Pista GP R, while being incredibly light and offering a high level of comfort. The Sportmodular is quiet, aerodynamic and ventilates above average, guaranteeing unprecedented comfort. The light and very safe construction, combined with the comfort and sporty design, makes the Sportmodular the perfect choice of sporting tour riders!

  • The helmet shell and the chin are made of 100% carbon. The carbon construction makes the helmet light, compact and especially very strong
  • The helmet shell is developed in 3 sizes, which are divided into a total of 8 helmet sizes. As a result, the helmet shell connects as closely as possible to the head and the protection is optimal
  • The shape of the helmet shell has been developed to prevent the energy of an impact being guided to the key bones
  • The metal opening clip of the chin prevents the chin from opening undesirably
  • The IVS, Integrated Ventilation System, ensures that fresh air is guided past the head, without interfering with the sun visor.
  • Internal air ducts in the chin, distribute fresh air over the entire front of the helmet
  • The shape of the Sport Modular is optimized for street use. Thanks to the Aerodynamic design, the helmet remains extremely quiet and stable at medium to high speeds
  • On the back of the helmet is a customizable, integrated spoiler. This spoiler reduces turbulence and maximizes stability
  • The inner lining of the Sport Modular is designed to minimize noise and connect tightly to the head without exerting pressure
  • The patented, reversible crown piece contains a cool and warm silk. With this the motorcyclist can adjust the lining in the helmet to your own wishes
  • The entire interior of the helmet is removable and washable. This allows you to step on the bike with a fresh and clean helmet
  • The entire interior is antibacterial, breathable, waterrepellent and extremely comfortable
  • The lining at the neck is waterproof and prevents water from flowing into the helmet
  • The fit is specially designed to wear glasses under the helmet
  • The helmet is equipped with a Titanium Double D closure. This is the strongest closing mechanism on the market
  • The new Class Optic 1 visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock gives an extremely good vertical (85 degrees) and horizontal (190 degrees) field of view. The Pinlock prevents the visor from covering
  • The Sportmodular uses the scratchresistant GT3 (XXSL) or GT32 (XLXXXL) visor, depending on the size. Because the visor is available in two sizes, it fits even better on the helmet and minimizes wind noise
  • The visor is quick and easy to remove or change without the need for tools
  • The patented Visor Lock System prevents the visor from opening unintentionally
  • The integrated and scratchresistant sun visor is easy to operate and removable, without any tools being used. The sun visor is also available in two sizes: IV7 for XXS L and IV 7 for XL XXXL