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As soon as you come within a radius of the lock with your smartphone and you press the lock against the brake disc with a light touch, the lock is unlocked. When the locking pin is pressed against the brake disc, the lock is locked (again) automatically.

Thieves have no chance! The lock has a 100-decibel loud alarm that is activated when attempted theft. 3D position detection detects shocks and smallest movements and triggers an alarm in the event of a theft attempt. If no further action is recorded after the alarm, the position sensor will be recalibrated. It is not necessary to turn the alarm off or on again.

Very solid lock. Locking pin of 13.5 mm hardened steel with a housing and other supporting parts of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel.

  • USB-C connection for easy charging of the lock
  • Multi-Color LED: Multi-color LED indicates battery status and activity status
  • 13.5 mm locking pin of hardened condition
  • SmartX locking system with Bluetooth 3.0 connection - safe, high-quality and user-friendly locking system
  • USB-C port
  • Connect to the ABUS App
  • The app remembers the last place you parked the motorcycle
  • 100db alarm
  • The alarm functions based on the ABUS 3D detection system, every movement is detected
  • The locking pin, lock body and all supporting elements of the lock mechanism are made of special hardened steel
  • Thanks to the disc recognition, the lock can be transported in closed condition without the detection systems such as alarm being activated
  • The LED light on the lock and various acoustic sound signals indicate, among other things, the status of the battery and when the alarm is activated